Mexico has 22 species of parrots and macaws.

All species are officially in a category of risk: 11 species are in danger of extinction; 7 are threatened and 4 are under special protection.

In 2010 a new classification of parrot species at risk in Mexico was published, which increased the number of endangered species from 6 to 11. This means that 50% of all Mexican species are at risk of disappearing in the short term.

Parrot trapping is an activity that has been carried out in Mexico for centuries. Indigenous peoples used them for food, as pets and for their colorful feathers, which were highly valued as ornaments for clothing or for artistic purposes in the famous feather art.

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Help stop the illegal trade of parrots


For more than 50 years, attempts were made to regulate the capture of parrots in Mexico through different laws to guarantee their sustainable use. However, it did not work and, over the years, parrots were overexploited legally and illegally, which led them to the most critical conservation status. In fact, most of the wild parrots and macaws for sale came from the illegal trade.

In 2007 we documented that more than 78,000 parrots were illegally captured each year; 77% died before reaching a consumer, meaning around 60,000 dead parrots.

In 2022 we documented that the illegal trade of parrots and macaws has decreased by 47%, thanks to the awareness campaign we started in 2009 with PROFEPA and many organizations and institutions and which has reached tens of millions of Mexicans.

Unfortunately, this is not enough. To guarantee the survival of most parrot species, illegal trade must be reduced by 80% to 90%. This can be achieved, there are places in Mexico where the illegal sale of parrots has decreased by almost 90%.

Please help us to fight the illegal parrot trade. Your donation is needed so that we can continue our campaigns to reduce the demand for all endangered and threatened parrot species..

Photos: Teyeliz